Pediatric Finishing Camp

Learn the exam and assessment of babies and children that quantifies and documents neurophysiological development.

Tongue ties, lip ties, buckle ties…  Learn the ins and out of the chiropractor’s role and how to be part of the infant’s provider team.

Format your care plans based on milestones that parents understand and look forward to seeing improved.

Implement safe and effective protocols.

Create care plans that parents understand.

Demonstrate results beyond symptom resolution.

Engage pregnant patients for care through pregnancy and beyond birth.

Learn a pediatric practice model that fits your office and increases profits.

Oh yeah.  Before I forget, most important.  Enjoy the miracles and satisfaction that only a pediatric practice provides. When you restore neurological function in a young child, the benefits last decades…

If you would like to have Dr. Linda Slak and Dr. Jean-Marc Slak do a training in your facility/town, please contact us directly.

Upcoming Seminar:

July 19 & 20, 2024,  in Boston, MA

The seminar will be presented at the Slak Chiropractic office.

23 Adams St., Burlington, MA 01803.

The closest airport is Boston Logan International Airport.

Hotels nearby:
Archer Hotel

Hilton Garden Inn